Thursday, 5 March 2015

What's coming up next?

Spring season 2015!!!! that's whats coming up! As well as new Hug Me again collectibles!!

I'm bursting with energy and some new ideas, I will definitely use my new larger traditional bear design often this year and have a new idea for a smaller vintage style bear from a short pile wool fabric with an open mouth from red wool felt!

My big news this month is a new place to present my HMA collectibles to you, after all the changes Etsy has been making, I came to the conclusion that I'm not really pleased with the new Etsy looks, the new category's etc..
I love crafting & creating, love making photo's of my creations as well, my new web shop gives me the opportunity to show as many photo's as I want and with a simple click on the photo's you will get the (very large) original version, allowing you to view every single detail of my creations! Takes time to load but will make a great background on your PC or imac ;-)

As an artist I already spend a lot of hours on imagining, creating, searching for materials and arranging photo shoots, when my creations are finally ready to present, presenting them should go easy and fast!

All new Hug Me Again collectibles will be waiting for you to visit them at,

Thank you very much!
Vivianne Galli


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